"As a Food & Fitness Coach, I help Women between the ages of 30-50 lose 20lbs in 6 months by programing sustainable workouts that targets bodyfat & coaching them around a nutrition regimen that incorporates thier favorite bites inside a balanced meal plan, meant to sustainable forever.

No two women have the same body composition, lifestyles or genetics. There is no "cookie cutter" routine that works for all Women.

Introducing Coach Ramell - a former Pro Athlete with six years of experience as a Food & Fitness Coach for Driven-Women.

With a passion for helping Women, Coach Ramell believes that anyone can achieve their desired results with a fitness and nutrition program built on the 4 Pillars; consistency accountability, sustainability, and recovery.

Coach Ramell understands that women are often selfless, giving so much to their loved ones and colleagues that they sometimes forget to prioritize their own needs.That's why he's dedicated to helping women unlock their full potential and rediscover the person inside who's been dying to say hi! Are you ready to make the best investment for yourself and your family? Let Coach Ramell show you how to improve your health and happiness with his proven program. Don't just talk about making a change - take action and "execute like a Queen!" Join Coach Ramell and other driven women on this exciting journey towards becoming the best version of yourself.'.

Increasing Consistency: The Story of The Tortoise & The Hare.

By Ramell Taylor

Food & Fitness Coach for Busy Women

"You don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step - MLK"

Most women who start new fitness programs on their own, come out strong & may create a new routine they're able to follow for 2 weeks to even 2 months without deviating from their game plan.

As the motivation you started with begins to taper over time & life obstacles & challenges begin to challenge the priority of your new routine, it can be very attractive to drop the the routine & go back to our old habits. Even if we know those habits are not the best for us, we're comfortable with them.

If we could go back to that moment & give you a coach, a family member, a friend, who could support your new routine, get you through a tough day, or tough week, sometimes a tough month. I believe you would have been able to do that program another two weeks, even another 2 months.

Whenever you’re starting a new habit, there’s going to be a period of discomfort due to the brain trying to access old patterns while processing new patterns.

My Job as Coach for my is to let you know that we're planting seeds. In order for those seeds to grow into trees, we have to nurture them everyday. You're not going have the same amount of motivation, energy & excitement everyday, & that's OK. You just have to honor your commitment to getting our body stronger & continue to do that in a sustainable way over-time.

The Tortoise is Undefeated against the Hare til this Day

The only difference in my fitness journey & yours... I started working out when i was 12 years old & I never stopped. If we we're on the same paths, no matter the intensity, you would be just as fit as me , if not better.

I'm a fan of showing up consistently vs big sporadic burst of overwhelming workout routines. Even if we work together for 6 months, the ultimate goal is to build a foundational program that you can do after 6 months. Hopefully for the rest of your life without having to make too many adjustments. You'll have this body for a long time. Make it as strong & as healthy as you can & your quality of life will be very enjoyable.


DIY 6 Month Strength & Nutrition Program

Workout Programing Nutrition Coaching & Tracking

Monthly 1 on 1 & Workout Demos

Accountability needed to stay Consistent

There needs to be a System in your lifestyle. Routines in place that ensure success. Limits and Boundaries that you respect so that you can become “Limitless” in your ability to serve yourself and others.

Food & Fitness Coach Ramell & Arlan Hamilton at the Women's Wealth Summit
Food & Fitness Coach Ramell with Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce President Judy Kruger at Women's Health & Wellness Gala

Confronting the Suffering Voluntarily: Stepping into Creation & out of Survival Mode

   By Ramell Taylor - Food & Fitness Coach for Women

"Life is not better than you think. Life is as harsh as you think, but you are tougher than you think."- Dr. Jordan Peterson

"Life is Suffering" is one of the four truths of life. There is no avoiding this. In fact, trying to avoid this would only result in more suffering.

When a mother creates new life in the world, there is 9 months of labor. When a manager is onboarding a new employee, there is a period of teaching & learning new protocols that are uncomfortable & frustrating at first. Same can be said for beginning a new chapter in your fitness journey. It's going to HURT. There was a saying the OG's use to say back in the day that needs to be brought back; no pain, no gain. So true.

The Pandemic of 2020 was terrible for many reasons, one of them being how it forced people to become inactive. Even worse than that it gave birth to what is being called to "Consumption Era", where people where consuming way more content & more calories  than  they would under normal circumstances.

While some people have been able to adjust back to their normal routines before the lockdown, many women still struggle Today to break hindering habits they've developed during the Pandemic & haven't recovered from the extra weight gain & lack of motivation that came with those conditions.

One thing we can learn from this situation is that any habit can be reinforced when you're put in the right environment for that habit to flourish. Sometimes it takes being around the right people, the right atmosphere or having access to the right information in order to make a change.

The one thing that has to change is your relationship with pain & suffering. The sooner you embrace the fact that this life is all about growing pains, you realize that whatever body goal you have is just on the other side of that struggle you've been avoiding.

The Good News: You get to choose what you are willing to Suffer for

Trying to avoid Suffering all together would only lead to more Suffering. However, you can choose what it is you are willing to suffer for.

A  women who is willing to do strength training 3 times a week, cardio 3-5 times a week, maintain a caloric deficit 500 calories under her daily calorie intake, minimize drinking alcohol & processed sugars will probably end up creating a great physique to go along with great physical, emotional & mental health because She was willing to suffer for it.

Instead of living in a state of Survival; over-consuming calories like many of her friends & colleagues & avoiding the physical pain that comes from asserting your body in challenging workouts, this woman decided to step in to Creation; building a strong, sculpted body that came with other benefits such as having an abundance of energy, high confidence & self-esteem that one acquires through doing noble, quality hard work.

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