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Show up, work hard and listen. The Only 3 ingredients you need to move the numbers on the scale & gain curves. Check out these Women's weight-loss transformations. They've been in your shoes & decided to make the decision to work with me to hit their goals.

Erica- Loss 25 lbs

I met Erica attending a Women's Wealth Summit on a Yahct. She recently loss weight following a very strict & nutrition restricted regimen, but wasn't able to follow the program long term & gain all the weight she lost back. Lose 20 lbs Ramell - Food & Fitness Coach for Busy Women Ramell - Food & Fitness Coach for Busy Women

Brooke - Loss 30 lbs

We couldn't get the scale to budge in the first three months! Heavy bloating, food allergies & hormonal imbalance. I give her a ton a credit for sticking it out. I told her once we figure out your body's "algorithm", the weight will fall off. Lose 20 lbs Ramell - Food & Fitness Coach for Busy Women

Kim J. - Loss 15 lbs

Kim is a Traveling Nurse who wanted to start making time for her health routine & lose weight. Although her body was holding on to stuborn weight, she remained consistent & is in the best shape of her life at 56 years old.
Ramell - Food & Fitness Coach for Busy Women Ramell - Food & Fitness Coach for Busy Women

Kimberly's Comeback

Kim was on a mission to look good in for her big day & not lose her curves. She's been killing it competing in marathons while raising two small beautiful children full-time. Ramell - Food & Fitness Coach for Busy Women Ramell - Food & Fitness Coach for Busy Women

Tahirah - Loss 20 lbs

As someone who has an Oreo addiction, I felt Tahirah's pain as her love for the cookie during the Pandemic year was her downfall. Not only was she able to kick her habit & hasn't touch a cookie since. That's one tough cookie! Loss 20 lbs

Sydney - Loss 15 lbs

Sometimes there's a person in us that is dying to come out & say hi to the world. It's our true self. I'm happy I was able to work with Sydney & her mother on building routines around thier hetic schedules. Lose 20 lbs

Evvone - Loss 15 lbs

Evvone met me during the pandemic just months after a divorce. Whe was determine to become the stongest version of herself. At 62 years old, she is the best shape of her life.
Ramell - Food & Fitness Coach for Busy Women Ramell - Food & Fitness Coach for Busy Women

Is the Feeling of Shame tricking you into believing you're not strong enough to make a change?

by Ramell Taylor, Food & Fitness Coach

"We spend half our lives saying we're too young to do something & the other half saying we're too old." - Matthew Kelly

Shame has the ability to hijack the logical part of your brain because it resides in the part of the brain that produces emotions. Since emotions communicate on a subconscious level, Shame can make a decision on your behalf before the conscious mind even recognizes what's going on.

Under feelings of heavy shame, you could be presented with a logical solution to your problem, for example finding a weight-loss coach who has a proven track record of getting results, yet still refuse the help because you're ashamed at the fact you need help in the first place.

Maybe for whatever reason you don't feel worthy of help because your blaming yourself for your current condition, which is not the case.

The world around you doesn't not prioritize health, fitness nor nutrition. Instead those fall last on the totem pole to things such as convenience, quick fixes, treating symptoms instead of problems & current fads & trends.

As a Fitness professional, it breaks my heart because we live inside a broken system designed for you to fail, yet is quick to label you with terms like lazy or unmotivated.

What is the Solution for feeling Shame?

Three Words - Community, Compassion & Humanity.

I know. None of these have anything to do with losing weight, nutrition or exercising, but there is a direct correlation. Sometimes in battle, the fight is won before the actually fight takes place.

Embracing the right Community is a big step in reducing self shame because people can see a point of view that you may have been totally blind to. The right community will make you feel less embarrassed about asking for help & will often empower you because a community is designed to call upon you when you can help the community as well.

Your Community should be filled with Compassion, but most importantly, I want you to have compassion for yourself. I'm guilty of being critical of myself at times, even when I've giving my best efforts. What helps me stay grounded is asking myself, "how would I talk to my 3-year-old daughter after she fell shy of reaching a goal?" Afterall, you still are the 3-year-old little girl you use to be.

Lastly, Step into your Humanity. While there are bad people in the world looking to plot & scheme without any remorse for those affected, there are people in this world whose hearts are in the right place. People who want to help you, who want to make a change & who want to see you win. Find those people & add them to your community.

What a Sustainable Workout Week should look like.

By Ramell Taylor

Food & Fitness Coach for Busy Women

" We all have the same amount of time in a day as Beyoncé"

We live in a time where the average working woman is clocking 40-50 hours a week. Factor in some time to sleep 8 hours of beauty rest a day, that's about another 60 hours accounted for each week. W e must eat eventually. I know how much you love to prepare your own meals in between working & sleeping (sarcasm) so lets give you 2 &1/2 hours to prepare your meals each day (generous, I know). That's another 15 hours dedicated to being a strong, healthy person. Kudos to you!

After we account for our obligations, that leaves you with 40 hours left in the week. That Sound pretty sweet, even if you have children, pets , loved ones or other obligations that require your time & energy. Lets just saw you need 20 hours for family time, 10 hours for social life, & 5 hours a week to do nothing. Even with these exaggerated time scenarios, You still have 5 hours to work on your body goals, health & wellness. Here's how I would use them

Day 1- Leg Strength Day: 1 hour

I would use the top of the week to work on my legs & getting the hardest lifts out they way so that I can have fresh legs for my weekend events. Compound leg exercises like squats & deadlifts are going to be performed most of the session, since we probably have an hour per session. We don't want to waste precious time on machines & isolated lifts. Make sure the weight is challenging build on resistance as the weeks progress.

Day 2- L.I.S.S. Cardio (Low Intensity Steady State): 45 min to an 1 hour

Pick an activity you love to do for 45 min - 1 hour. Doesn't have to be vigorous, especially if we did our leg day workout the right way. Anything from a comfortable walk, to dancing or working up a sweat playing a leisure sport.

Day 3- Push Strength Day

Again, compound exercises that include horizontal & vertical pushing mechanics. Most women like to shy away from working upper body, but i would heavily encourage you to work on these mechanics to prevent imbalances in the body & injuries.

Day 4 - L.I.S.S. Cardio : 45 min to an 1 hour

See Day 2 Above

Day 5: Push Strength Day

Compound exercises that include horizontal & vertical pulling mechanics.


I f you couple a routine like this, while eating within your caloric deficit. (if you don't know how many calories you can visit here ) you will be able to both build lean muscle throughout the body & burn body fat, while becoming stronger, more tone & healthier.

Recovery: Using Self-Care in a Weight-Loss Routine to keep you on track.

By Ramell Taylor

Food & Fitness Coach for Busy Women

"The soft work is the Ying to the Yang of the hard work"

As an athlete, I can remember having various routines in preparation as well recovery for each practice & game. Some practices were designed to prep & recover me physically, such as taking an ice bath after hard workouts & drinking a shake after weights for proper nutrition & energy balance. Others help me spark my mind or recharge my focus such as daily reflections, meditation, journaling, & enjoying time away from the gym in various social outings.

If you want to give yourself the best chance to stick to a weight-loss routine, it's important to reward yourself with before & after self-care routines that get you excited for a hard workout & help you recover after a hard week.

Self-Care Before & After the Workout

Nutrition: If you're workout is usually done in the morning, make sure you have a nice meal full of protein, carbs & veggies the night before. Vice Versa, if you work out in the later in the day, try make sure you allow 2-4 hours to properly digest your meal.

Rest & Hydration: Drink plenty water the day before as well as 5-8 hours of sleep.

Mobility: Use a proper warm up & cool down sequence for the muscle group you're targeting in the workout. As a coach, my job is to make sure your body is primed for the work to come & that all your movements are fluid without any pain. I also like to take each client through active recovery sessions to treat & address mobility issues, nagging injuries & break up the monotony in the exercise program.

Using LISS Cardio: On your off days, I encourage you to do LISS, (low intensity steady state) cardio. This includes activities that you do for 45 min to 1 hour without feeling like your in a workout such as walking, dancing, & leisure club sports. This is not only beneficial to increasing activity & helping you burn calories, but there's scientific research that shows how LISS cardio can reduces hormonal imbalance in women & suppress hormones that increase stress & appetite.

Your Weight-Loss Program should be designed like a marathon, not a sprint

Remember you're body is your bff. it will be here just as long as you will. The key to a successful weight-loss program, one that not only allows you to lose weight, but keep the weight off as well, is longevity. If the current weight-loss regimen cannot be sustained for more than 6 months, It won't yield the long-term success you're looking for.
Lose 20 lbs in the next 6 months!

Execution is Queen

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