"You have to be willing to change your mind before any personal trainer can teach you to change your body."

If you've made it this far, chances are you're looking for a solution TODAY! Your choices are taking the first step to creating a life full of habits that serve the best version of YOU, or exiting this browser and continually dreaming of the lifestyle you want. You and I both know that dreams only come true to those who chase & work for them.

The Power of Choice

The truth is we are all one choice away from making the right choice. In most occasions, there are usually three scenerios that play out for women when they're looking into weight-loss coaching; Exit the Website & continue to try to solve the problem on your own, procastinate on making a decision, which in most cases result in not making a decision at all (Decision Paralysis), or work with a professional weight-loss coach & Lose 20 pounds in the next 20 months! Would you Like to work with a Personal Trainer & Nutritionist & build the perfect Weight-loss routine for your body Goals & schedule?

Here are your Options

^Do nothing to fix the problem & be forced to deal with it at an inconvient time.

^Try to do it on your own: You may have already tried on your own & you were missing an accountabiltiy peice to keep you from deviating from the plan.

work with a Personal Trainer & Nutritionist & build the perfect Weight-loss routine for your body Goals & schedule

Accountability & Weight-Loss: To take Control is to take Responsibility.

By Ramell Taylor

Food & Fitness Coach for Busy Women
"Success is never on discount, greatness is never on sale, greatness is never half off- Eric Thomas" C We as people hate to let others down when they believe in you on you & are waiting for you on the other side. The second worst feeling in the world to physical pain is probably disappointment.

No matter how many people you are accountable for, there is no person on this earth that should take precedence over your own needs. There's a great quote I hear everytime I travel by plane that says, "put your own mask on first before assisting others."

Women are unselfish by nature because they are the life-bearers of the world. I help women realize that they're doing their loved ones a disservice by not taking the time necessary for themselves to make sure their body's needs are properly met. Instead, many women will show up for their loved-ones & colleagues even if they are depleted of energy & motivation.

Accounts you take Ownership for:

^ Bank Account- Many women are great at managing this account. Money is a great servant, terrible master. Same thing can be said about the mind

^ Energy Account- If you don’t energize yourself daily, don’t be surprised if you show up each day without purpose. This means getting proper sleep & nutrition daily, sparking the mind & nurturing relationships that influence you in a positive perspective.

^ Confidence Account- You have to choose to do things build your self-esteem and confide in rituals that make you comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

When you are as confident in your Wellness Routine as you are in your job title, you become aligned and united with Self. Just because a woman can be "SuperWoman" doesn't mean they should. Even superheroes would like a break every once in a while. To prevent feelings such as burnout & resentment, it's important to take care of the Caretaker.

"We spend half our lives saying we're too young, we spend the second half saying we're too old... Today Matters" -Matthew Kelly

Taking Accountability Say no to people , foods, and activities that don’t serve you. Saying “no” means you’re putting me first. The people, things, jobs that care, will stick around for the end result or they will slowly disappear.

Work with a coach that has either been in your shoes, or has helped someone break through your problem or achieve the results you are looking for.

Use trackable metrics to measure & compare results from each week. The weight on the scale only tells half truths & you'll need to fill in the rest of your story with the number of Reps , Sets , time, body fat percentage, calories, & macros.

Stop comparing yourself to other people who are in different stages of their fitness journey. No two women have the same body type, genetics or lifestyle. Get out of your own way: Stop making excuses, start showing self love. Appreciate yourself. You're a 1 of 1! There's nobody like you on earth!.

Is the Feeling of Shame tricking you into believing you're not strong enough to make a change?

by Ramell Taylor, Food & Fitness Coach

"We spend half our lives saying we're too young to do something & the other half saying we're too old." - Matthew Kelly

Shame has the ability to hijack the logical part of your brain because it resides in the part of the brain that produces emotions. Since emotions communicate on a subconscious level, Shame can make a decision on your behalf before the conscious mind even recognizes what's going on.

Under feelings of heavy shame, you could be presented with a logical solution to your problem, for example finding a weight-loss coach who has a proven track record of getting results, yet still refuse the help because you're ashamed at the fact you need help in the first place.

Maybe for whatever reason you don't feel worthy of help because your blaming yourself for your current condition, which is not the case.

The world around you doesn't not prioritize health, fitness nor nutrition. Instead those fall last on the totem pole to things such as convenience, quick fixes, treating symptoms instead of problems & current fads & trends.

As a Fitness professional, it breaks my heart because we live inside a broken system designed for you to fail, yet is quick to label you with terms like lazy or unmotivated.

What is the Solution for feeling Shame?

Three Words - Community, Compassion & Humanity.

I know. None of these have anything to do with losing weight, nutrition or exercising, but there is a direct correlation. Sometimes in battle, the fight is won before the actually fight takes place.

Embracing the right Community is a big step in reducing self shame because people can see a point of view that you may have been totally blind to. The right community will make you feel less embarrassed about asking for help & will often empower you because a community is designed to call upon you when you can help the community as well.

Your Community should be filled with Compassion, but most importantly, I want you to have compassion for yourself. I'm guilty of being critical of myself at times, even when I've giving my best efforts. What helps me stay grounded is asking myself, "how would I talk to my 3-year-old daughter after she fell shy of reaching a goal?" Afterall, you still are the 3-year-old little girl you use to be.

Lastly, Step into your Humanity. While there are bad people in the world looking to plot & scheme without any remorse for those affected, there are people in this world whose hearts are in the right place. People who want to help you, who want to make a change & who want to see you win. Find those people & add them to your community.

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